Loren Harriet Grammy nominated Music Producer

Calling all Red Sox fans! (Yankee fans can ignore this.)

Apr 19, 2012 10:00AM
By David Burger Salt Lake Tribune.

In celebration of Fenway Park's centennial, the Boston Red Sox and the Red Sox Foundation have joined forces to create the commemorative album "100 Year Anniversary of Fenway Park." The album was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Loren Harriet.

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Former Ranger a hit on the ice and off

Wed Feb 29 2012
By Josh Brown, Record staff TheRecord.com

Matt Lashoff might become the first person to play the Aud twice — as a hockey player and rock star.

“That would be a blast absolutely,” said the former Kitchener Rangers defenceman. “I’m definitely going to try and get out and play some shows.”

 . . . It was in Beantown where Lashoff was first noticed. Los Angeles producer Loren Harriet heard about the rink rat with a passion for rocking out and put the plan in motion to record Living On Heart. Lashoff was backed by seasoned session musicians, some of whom played with Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and John Mellencamp, among others. Read more . . .

Matt Lashoff Takes A Shot

November 2011

In May, Lashoff released his debut album Living On Heart, which was produced by Loren Harriet who has also helped several other professional athletes with their music careers, including four-time World Series champion Bernie Williams.

"Right now we are working on finding a label and getting distribution," says 25-year-old Lashoff, who also has played for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins organizations. He describes his 11-track first album as "bluesy with a pop influence." Read more . . .

Swish takes to the charts

August 2, 2011

“I had an absolute blast working on this project, but I couldn’t have done it without having a true pro as my producer, Loren Harriet,” Swisher said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the talented artists and musicians that performed on this album, but most of all I want to thank the kids. They sound amazing, and I’m honored just to have been given this opportunity.”
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Yankee Nick Swisher to Release CD with School of Rock Students


 "[Producer] Loren Harriet and all the artists and all the kids that sang on the album, I couldn't thank them enough," Swisher said. "They made that experience for me so amazing. I'm just really proud of the final product." Read more . . .

Bernie and the Big Man

Sunday, June 26, 2011, 10:26 AM

Here's an abstract from a recent article by Jack Curry at YesNetwork.com

. . . Anyway, since Williams will be making his first appearance at Old-Timers' Day for the Yankees on Sunday, it seemed like the perfect time for another story that blended baseball and music. After the Yankees won the 1998 World Series, Williams was among a group of musically-talented major leaguers who were asked to perform a live show in Orlando, Florida. The players were supplemented by a house band and several other musicians. Those musicians included Clarence Clemons, the cool saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Clemons, of course, died of complications from a stroke on June 18.

Loren Harriett, who subsequently produced Williams’s two albums, coordinated the players and the band 13 years ago. Harriet’s plan was to have Clemons burst on stage to help the band play “Glory Days,” a Springsteen about a baseball player who constantly harkens back to his early years. There was no sax solo in that song, but Clemons told Harriet that he would create one. The song was the finale of the event . . . Read more at http://www.myyesnetwork.com/

Loren interviewed by berniewilliams.net

I was hoping you could fill the readers in a little bit about your record company, other artists you have produced, or maybe how you got into producing.

LH:  I have a production company called LGH Productions. I've been producing albums for about 15 years now.  The artists range from traditional recording artists from the world of music, to non-traditional recording artists from the world of sports, film and television.  I got into producing many years ago as I met various top session musicians in the music industry.  It was fun to go into the studio with them, along with the recording artist and have the recording artists' project come alive.  Some of my projects are at my website www.lorenharriet.com, though the site needs to be updated.  Read more at http://www.berniewilliams.net

Boston's Arroyo Finds His Pitch as a Singer

Published: April 13, 2005

Loren Harriet, who had produced a jazz album for Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams, was searching for another project combining baseball and music when he read an article detailing how [Bronson] Arroyo would sing on the road to entertain teammates like Johnny Damon and Kevin Millar. Read more at The New York Times.

Latin Grammy Award Nominated Music Producer